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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Predictable Surprises: Greece Fire Spreading?

Debt travails add urgency to eurocrats’ angst

A senior Brussels diplomat confided over a bottle of champagne a suspicion that Greece will eventually be forced out of the eurozone


Is it just me, or are the headline writers enjoying pocketsful of wry these days?

Eurocrats and angst? Over a bottle of bubbly in Brussels? We should all suffer such angst!

The travail is quite real. It may be that human are self-deceived in believing we can afford rampant free marketism and  rampant democratic politics at the same time (NB: the Chinese have exempted themselves from this dilemma, as they are wont to do).

As a species we may not be sufficiently evolved to live with two ideologies with so many inherent contradictions.

Didn’t someone famous say it takes a high degree of intelligence to simultaneously hold two incompatible thoughts?


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